Why Tailoring Your Wedding Suit Is Smarter Than Renting One

Why Tailoring Your Wedding Suit Is Smarter Than Renting One

Why Tailoring Your Wedding Suit Is Smarter Than Renting One

Underneath the accessories, a suit is a suit is a suit.

Re-purposing your wedding suit is easy. Simply tailor your wedding suit in basic colours like grey, black or navy. Too boring? Dress it up for your big day with accessories, such as a fresh or dried flower corsage, and a matching pocket square, or even a vest with a different texture. You’d be surprised at how these details can transform your entire look.

Once you remove these accessories, the suit goes back to being a perfectly good work suit, one that you can wear over and over, down through the years.

The right fit can make a world of difference. Image taken from OlivierContant.com

Ever worn an ill-fitting suit? It cuts your body length awkwardly, makes you look bigger or shorter than you really are, and may feel uncomfortable to move around in. Tailored suits remove that problem from the equation – since it’s crafted for your unique body shape alone. You may also alter the fit until you are happy with the way it looks.

Renting a suit is cheaper than tailoring one – or so you think.

If you do the math, renting actually costs more than getting one tailored. (cost of suit divided by number of uses.)

Making the best impression on your wedding day = Priceless

These calculations are done based on the premise of a suit lasting 10 years. With proper care, a tailored suit can last even longer than 10 years – it’s more likely that you’ll get bored of the suit or grow out of its fit, instead of wearing it out.

Ideally, a marriage is a once in a lifetime experience. The wedding is simply the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t you want to look your best while celebrating your union? Plus, thanks to modern living, there’s Instagram stories and Facebook pictures to consider as well.

And there you have it! Our top 4 reasons to tailor a suit instead of renting one. Now, if you’re all set to choose us as your tailor for your big day…

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