Are you excited to be heading out into the real world? While you're busy blasting resumes out and scheduling interviews, here's a useful theory to keep in mind so you'll be ready for your next phase in life - the working world.

With just 9 essential items, you can have a variety of outfit combinations which ensures you won't have to repeat your look for at least half a month.

Tailored business shirts in Blue, White, Pink (or Lilac) - These are the essential colours to have when building a basic wardrobe. They are professional colours for the office, and work for almost any skin tone.

Don't just buy black trousers. Although black is a neutral colour, it can appear stark against light coloured business shirts. Expand your wardrobe with a navy and charcoal grey trousers.

You must match your shoe and belt colour. A pair of black shoes is a must and a brown shoe adds that dash of style. Bring your brown shoes along when shopping for a matching brown belt.

Now that you have built your basic wardrobe, check out our guide for achieving that different look everyday. Enjoy looking dapper everyday.