Bespoke Shoes

The Shoe Artistry Story

Where Craft, Technology & Heritage Co-exist

Experience premium MTM shoes by Shoe Artistry x CYC. Our 3D foot scanner will create a true-to-life model of your feet, allowing us to create a one-of-a-kind shoe last, crafted individually for you alone.

What is the process like?

Lead Time: 2 weeks



01. 3D- Foot Scanning

Our 3D foot scanner will create a true to life model of your feet. Ensuring comfort and perfection that is made just for you.


02. Shoe Making

Your measurements and diagram would then be sent to Shoe Artistry for production.

03. Collection

Once your shoe is ready, we will drop you a text for pick up. Try it on to make sure everything is perfect.

The modern society sees the traditional craft vanishing, with shoemakers left without successors. Shoe Artistry wishes to educate consumers on the value of the shoe making craft, and revamp its image, eliminating the perception that the trade is for lowly laborers, but a hard-earned skill that requires experience and an eye for creativity.

Today, Shoe Artistry has curated a proud bespoke collection of crafted footwear from the classics, contemporary to the Avant-garde styles. 


 Price: from $450 | Lead Time: 2 weeks