All About CYC's Reusable Fabric Masks

All About CYC's Reusable Fabric Masks

All About CYC's Reusable Fabric Masks

Do CYC Reusable Masks offer the level of protection as surgical masks do?

CYC Tailor x Liberty London | Egyptian Cotton Fabric Masks

According to medical practitioners, surgical masks still offer the best protection against foreign particles. However, there is new evidence to support the assertion that fabric masks can reduce the spread of viral particles from asymptomatic carriers.

By using fabric masks, we are also leaving more surgical masks for the people who need it more - medical frontline staff, who face COVID-19 patients head-on every day.

What are your masks made of?

Our reusable masks are made of Premium Egyptian Cotton shirting fabrics from brands such as Thomas Mason, Getzner, Albini, and Liberty London.

How should I care for my masks?

Since they are made of fine cotton, hand-washing the masks with laundry detergent is recommended. Do not put the reusable masks inside the washing machine. This will ensure the longevity of your masks. We also recommend that you wash the filter inside the mask to keep its shape.


CYC Mask Care Instructions



What are your filters made of?

The filters are made from non woven fabrics similar to the ones used for surgical masks.

According to tests from the A*star lab, our filters have 95.5% - 99.8% BFE reading after 15 washes, which means they retain their efficacy fairly well even after repeated washes.

We recommend that you change the mask filter after 10-15 washes.

You can get refills of the filters here.

How do I insert the filter into the mask?

Please watch the videos below to see how you may insert the filters based on the kind of mask that you have.

Adult Reusable Masks (Large):

Adult Reusable Masks (Small):

Kids Reusable Masks:

Can I get a refund or an exchange on the masks?

Due to the nature of the product, we are currently not accepting exchanges or refunds.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send an email to and describe the problem, and a member of our team will get back to you.

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