Here's All You Need to Know About Our Latest Blue Check Promo

Here's All You Need to Know About Our Latest Blue Check Promo

Here's All You Need to Know About Our Latest Blue Check Promo

Every man owns at least one, if not two, blue oxford shirts in their wardrobe. If that sounds like you, it may be time for you to switch up your wardrobe with something more effervescent; like blue check shirts.

Why? Because checks are the latest trend — a check shirt, especially in classic colours like blue, is widely versatile. From smart-casual events to a casual day out, a good check shirt will make your outfits pop, without going over the top.

What's more, we've just launched some exclusive deals, featuring a specially curated range of premium European fabrics in our most popular blue check patterns, just for you:

Deal 1: Tailor a brand new check shirt for $135 (U.P. $165)

Deal 2: Tailor 2 check shirts + 1 Pants for $420 (U.P. $510)

Available in-stores now, while stocks last. Valid til 31st March 2021.

Terms and conditions apply

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Unsure about how you can style your check shirts, or what you should look out for before getting one tailored? Let's fix that with some quick tips:

01 Pay attention to the size of the checks

Yes, in this instance, size matters! If you are looking for a more laid-back and casual look, bigger checks are what you should go for. Larger checks are similar to the original lumberjack look and brings about a more rustic, relaxed feel to your outfit. Smaller checks on the other hand, are better for smart-casual looks, suitable for office wear and date nights after work. Smaller checks usually consist of only 2 colours and are spread out uniformly, making them less ostentatious, and more appropriate for serious settings.

 CYC Check Shirt CYC Tailored check shirt pink

02 The hue of your check shirt is important too

Blue is a classic colour that is suitable for almost all skin tones, but blue alone comes in so many different shades, each giving off a different mood. Darker blues work best for a casual night out, dinner parties or more solemn events, while lighter blues are perfect for breezy Sunday brunches, or work.


03 Consider the sleeve length and style

Long sleeves are often associated with formal wear, but that doesn't always have to be the case. A long sleeve shirt with a relaxed fit can always be styled as an over-shirt or layered underneath a sweater on chilly days, whereas short sleeve shirts work best for humid weather. Tailor your check shirts with a button-down collar and style it with a pair of chinos or berms for an effortless smart-casual look.

 CYC Tailor Cyan Shirt CYC Tailor Red Check Shirt


Like what you see above? Check out our curated range of Blue Check Fabrics below, and book an appointment with us and take advantage of our special deals now!

7202-2 | Twill 70 Checks | 100% Egyptian Cotton     7857-7 | Fokus Checks | 100% Cotton

7202-2, Twill 70 Checks, 100% Egyptian Cotton | 7857-7, Fokus Checks, 100% Cotton

7932-3 | Lbiza Checks | 100% Cotton 7507-3 | Zephir Checks | Cotton Linen Blend

7932-3, Lbiza Checks, 100% Cotton | 7507-3, Zephir Checks, Cotton Linen Blend

7272-3 | Highground Checks | 100% Egyptian Cotton 7284-3 CYC Blue Check Promo

7272-3, High-ground Checks, 100% Egyptian Cotton | 7284-3, Royal Oxford Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton

7863-4 | Curtis Checks | 100% Cotton, Wrinkle Free     7136-3 | Ellis Checks | 100% Egyptian Cotton, Easy Care
7863-4, Curtis Checks, 100% Cotton, Wrinkle Free | 7136-3, Ellis Checks, 100% Egyptian Cotton, Easy Care
7608-2 | Buckingham Checks | 140 2-Ply Cotton, Easy Care     7189-2 | Charles Checks | 100 2-Ply Cotton
7608-2, Buckingham Checks,  140 2-Ply Cotton, Easy Care | 7189-2, Charles Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton

7288-3 | Royal Twill Light Checks | 100 2-Ply Cotton     7277-3 | Portland Checks | 120 2-Ply Cotton

7288-3, Royal Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton | 7277-3, Portland Checks, 120 2-Ply Cotton

7289-3 | Royal Duke Checks | 100 2-Ply Cotton     7932-2 | Lbiza Checks | 100% Cotton

7289-3, Royal Duke Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton | 7932-2, Lbiza Checks, 100% Cotton

7603-3 | Zephir Checks | 100 2-Ply Cotton     7278-3 | Zephir Checks | 100 2-Ply Cotton

7603-3, Zephir Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton | 7278-3, Zephir Checks, 100 2-Ply Cotton


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