How you can Look Your Best this Lunar New Year

How you can Look Your Best this Lunar New Year

How you can Look Your Best this Lunar New Year

with just 4 simple steps.

The question that you thought you wouldn’t have to face for a while finds itself creeping back in. If you procrastinate any further, you’ll soon find yourself stressing out over something seemingly simple – “what should I wear this time???”.

You’ve tried almost everything, and everywhere, and it’s always the same stack of clothes you’ll find off the rack every year – red pullovers, pink polo tees, maroon shirts (with a terrible cut, if we might add). What else can you wear this year to look different? A Changshan? No, let’s face it, you’re no Donnie Yen starring in IP Man. Moreover, it would be a waste of space, resources and cash to buy a new one every year only to wear it for one day.

The solution? Tailor your shirts! Studies show that most men prefer customised shirts to those they can get off the rack. Simply because of these 3 reasons – perfect fit, quality fabrics, personalised style.

1. Choosing the Right Fabric
It all boils down to your personality. Which colour do you resonate with? Which looks good on you? Are you up for prints, or do you prefer plain fabrics? For darker skin tones, choose muted earthy colours:

For fairer tones, choose cooler colours:

For neutral skin tones, go for warm vibrant or cool pastel colours:

2. Adding the Right Trims
3. Recommended Collar styles for 2018
Classic collar

Here’s a tip: Choose a wide spread if your have an angular or rectangular face shape, and a narrow spread if your face shape is a little rounder.

Mandarin collar

Button Down Collar

4. Personalise Your Shirts

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