Poly-Viscose for Tailored Trousers

Poly-Viscose for Tailored Trousers

Poly-Viscose for Tailored Trousers

As an introductory offer, you can now tailor a pair of Poly-viscose trousers at S$135 nett each.

But wait, what is Poly-viscose?

First, allow us to break it down into its constituents: Viscose, and Polyester.


Viscose (also called rayon) is a natural fabric, made of wood pulp. It is machine-processed to create thread-like yarns, and is thus considered a ‘semi-synthetic’ fabric.

Due to its soft and smooth properties, is also known as ‘man-made silk’. Its natural fibres makes it comfortable, soft, and breathable.

The downside is that it is structurally weaker than other commonly worn fabrics, such as cotton and polyester.

Viscose – smooth, soft, breathable


Polyester is a 100% synthetic fabric, and is one of the strongest, most versatile fabrics around. However, it is generally not as breathable as fabrics made of natural fibres.

Polyester – strong, versatile, long-lasting, but generally a little less breathable.


When combined, Polyester strengthens viscose, and viscose softens polyester, like a match made in textile heaven.

The result – a smooth, silky, strong fabric with breathable properties. Bonus – it’s machine washable.

Once you go Poly-viscose, you might never go back.

Try our new trousers today!

*Usual price S$165.

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