VBC Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663 – The Suiting Brand You Need to Know

VBC Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663 – The Suiting Brand You Need to Know

VBC Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663 – The Suiting Brand You Need to Know

VBC Vitale Barberis Canonico 1663 – The Suiting Brand You Need to Know

VBC Suiting Fabric

486.363/2 - Super 110s wool for day to day wear. Simple and sophisticated, one of VBC’s best sellers.


Update on 8/9/21: includes a new addition, VBC 21 Micron bunch.


VBC wool suits have been the fabrics of choice for many discerning clients of CYC Made to Measure. Here are 5 reasons why these discerning clients have made VBC suiting their first choice.


Town of Biella, where the magic happens. Credits: Working Style NZ

  • High Standard of Quality, Proudly Made in Italy
  • For cost-conscious fabric mills, whose aim is to keep its operating costs as low as possible, they have outsourced part of the fabric production to other countries at different stages of its operating process.  For VBC, its fabrics are entirely produced in Biella, Italy, a 90 minutes’ drive from Milan. This is where its production chain starts and ends, ensuring its quality is tightly controlled. Some may say the water of Biella, free from limestone, has contributed to VBC’s excellent fabrics, giving its wool the smooth, soft feel. Some of VBC’s B2B customers include Zegna, Kiton, Loro Piana.. purveyors of the finest apparels.

  • Utmost Comfort
  • Have you wondered why some wool apparel feels scratchy against your skin? This is usually due to cheap, short wool fibres that rubs against your skin, giving you the itchy feel. For VBC, its raw material begins with merino wool, known for its long fibres and softness. During one of its production processes known as gilling, the wool is combed, and brushed repeatedly, where the short wool fibres are discarded. What remains, then, are long spools of wool that are durable and soft.


    10.712/334 - Who says suits must be in navy or black? This fabric is perfect as an unlined summer blazer for its vibrant color, and its weave lends itself to a crease-resistant finishing. From the Monte Carlo collection.

  • Vibrant, lively fabric selection
  • The colour of your suiting fabric plays a part in your sartorial choices. VBC spares no effort in ensuring its fabrics are appealing as you peruse through its fabric books. Adopting a dyeing process called yarn dyeing (which is more time-consuming and expensive), and supervised by a specialist to ensure the final colour is intense, lively and consistent, this process allows the natural qualities of the wool to shine alongside with its lifelike colours. 


    486.3111/2 - We love the details on this super 110s wool fabric. For a slight build, the windowpane checks can enhance the stature of the wearer. A plain shirt matched with this fabric will enhance your outfit’s details without being flashy.

  • Heritage Brand
  • The 1663 in its branding represent the year of VBC’s foundation, which is proudly emblazoned on its fabric books. Apart from owning the largest and oldest fabric mill, the brand is currently run by the 13th generation of Barberis Canonico successor. One reason for its longevity is in its secret blend of wool – the golden ratio is perfected over generations, to achieve the same, consistent quality over years of production that is up to VBC’s standards.


    688.601/5729 - Just look at the Satin weave on this super 110s wool fabric. Silky and irresistible, perfect for any occasion.

  • Bold and Innovative

    506.361/4. - Feeling is believing. From the 21 Micron collection.

    One of the new bunches that warrants attention, is the 21 Micron collection. A link to the past, this is a collection that deliberately eschews the notion of Super classification, a technically innovative bunch that deserves a serious consideration. A homage to the fabrics of yesteryear, where hardy, durable fabrics were commonplace, this collection is a reminder of how suits are not reserved only for those who demand fineness. South American wool are specially sourced, as the thicker wool are transformed to provide the crease-resistance property of the bunch.

    A fine balance of strength and fineness, this bunch is unique, with its fabrics sprightly, almost as if possessing energy. Although the fabrics are at first sight heavy for summer (starting from 360gsm), but numbers can be deceiving. The breathable fabrics makes the collection perfect for all-year round wear, while suits made from this collection confers a structured look for the wearer. Like fine wine, suits and trousers made from this collection ages well with wear.


    Beyond its selection of timeless fabric range (with a collection aptly named Perennial), VBC is not afraid to be forward-looking and experimental. From its aggression-charged, Super 150s collection named Revenge (with its root in late Latin, revindicare, to avenge, or claim) to its latest collection of Wool & Linen fabric that combines the best of qualities in linen and wool, there is something for everyone. Be it a suit you will be donning daily, or one reserved for special occasions, the quality of its fabrics and its immense selection will definitely convert you into a fan. 

    Book an appointment with us to experience a whole range of luxurious VBC fabrics, including Wool & Linen Collection.


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