Holland and Sherry Fabric Bunches

Tailor Your Suit In These 5 Premium Fabric Bunches by Holland and Sherry

Tailor Your Suit In These 5 Premium Fabric Bunches by Holland and Sherry

 Established in 1836, as woolen & silk cloth specialist for tailored suits, Holland and Sherry has grown tremendously over the last 180 years. One of the most sought after brands in suiting fabric, Holland and Sherry made a name for themselves by producing only the finest luxury suit fabrics worldwide.


Let us present to you 5 Holland and Sherry suiting bunches, curated by us with our customers in mind, for your next suit.

"A tailored suit in Holland and Sherry cloth, is always a pleasure to wear."

Fiesta IV

Super 150's Luxury Worsted Suiting
Tailored Suit from $1,315
FIESTA IV SUITING is a collection of classic suiting fabrics which has firmly established itself as the preferred choice for simple, understated elegance. Featuring a luxurious range of Super 150s wool with excellent hand feel and drape, the worsted wool fabrics are the perfect materials to be transformed into a tailored suit for daily wear.
A firm classic amongst made-to-measure customers, the suits made from this featured range are timeless, and a joy to wear.


Seasonal Stretch

98% Super 100’s Wool Worsted 2% Lycra®
280gm 9oz / 310gm 10oz / 325gm 10½ oz

CYC Holland and Sherry

Tailored Suit from $1,595

SEASONAL STRETCH is an all-new suiting fabric collection that promises “Stretches in Motion”. Woven from Super 100’s merino wool and blended with 2% Lycra®, these wool fabrics allow for extra flexibility. Tailored suits made from this bunch adapt and move in harmony, following every movement of your body and offer an impeccable fit with no sagging or crumple zones.
This technical fabric bunch is the most practical choice for those who are always on-the-go, and demand extra comfort in their tailored suit.

Cape Horn Lightweight

Super 100’s High Twist Suiting
260grm 8oz

Tailored Suit from $1,785

CAPE HORN LIGHTWEIGHT is one of the most popular and versatile suit fabric bunch, and its understated qualities are appreciated globally. Named after the iconic strait situated between South America and Antarctica, this suiting collection presents a yearning to adapt to climates, and this comprehensive collection of classic and semi-fancy designs makes the perfect addition to any tailored suit wardrobe for the international traveler.

Made from Patagonian merino wool, a rare breed of wool obtained from high altitude in Chile, propriety of Holland and Sherry, this collection is a must-have for those who demand quality, performance and comfort. This suiting bunch is a sibling of the Cape Horn suiting bunch, but weaved in a lighter weight that is ideal for tropical climate such as ours. Your next tailored suit will no doubt accord a comfort level next-to-none.


South Pacific Linen

Wool, Linen and Teclana® Blend
210grm 6.5oz / 310grm 10oz / 340grm 11oz

Tailored Suit from $1,980

SOUTH PACIFIC LINEN suiting is a comprehensive range of classic and contemporary colours in pure linens, wool, linen and Teclana® blends. Teclana® is a propriety technical fibre from Holland and Sherry that offers good crease recovery, and helps the garment maintain its hand-tailored, bespoke shape, perfect for spring and summer tailored suits.

The luxurious range of linens found within this collection will surely inspire your wardrobe with its vivid and cheery colors, and your mood while gliding through the linen-silk blend of your new tailored suit.


100% Super 120’s Worsted
100% Super 130’s Worsted
260gm 8½ oz / 250gm 8oz

Tailored Suit from $2,400

Gaberdine features suiting fabric constructed from a 2/1 twill, with significantly more threads in the warp than the weft. This tightly woven fabric is ultra-smooth against the skin, with a contrasting steep diagonal twill pattern on the face of the fabric. This construction not only gives the fabric a beautiful finish, but also makes them durable and incredibly versatile for a tailored suit. The laborious weaving process allows the fabric to achieve a consistent finishing, while enhancing your suit's durability.

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