Can Your Shirt Be Tailored To Your Personality?

Can Your Shirt Be Tailored To Your Personality?

Tip 1: A Man Dresses According to His Personality

In line with our Personality Quiz, we have designed this season’s collection according to the 4 different personality types.

Check out how we’ve group our latest fabrics to create the perfect wardrobe for each personality below!

Tip 2: A Man Dresses Well to Project Confidence

Learn the tricks of looking dapper and get inspired by photos from our latest collection!

Bosses & women appreciate when you make the effort  to dress up. Make lasting impressions that will take you far.

Tip 3: Men Dress to Fit in with Their Work Place Culture

Our latest collection gives you tips on dressing sharp at work.

A lot depends on the industry that you are in. As a working professional who works in a corporate environment, suit up for a classic look. As a professional in the creative industry, you get to step out and be unconventional.

The Dramatic

Enjoys fashion, keeps up to date with trends and often noticed for bold style.

The Classic

Looks for evergreen outfits and will make effort to dress for an occasion.

The Natural

Comfort and functionality trumps fashion. Will only dress up for very special occasions.

The Romantic

Authentic, compassionate and artistic. Dresses stylishly yet unusually.

Appearances do matter, especially when it comes to first impressions. Do yourself a favour and let your clothes speak for you. Head over to our page to learn more!

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