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How To Style: Underrated Polos

How To Style: Underrated Polos

A polo shirt is one of the most versatile shirts any man can own. However, polo shirts are often perceived as 'unfashionable' or 'sloppy' as it is frequently worn by blue collar workers as their uniforms, (eg. delivery drivers). Polo shirts might just look like a regular t-shirt to most, but when styled right, it definitely has its own appeal.

At CYC, we believe that every gentleman should have at least a few polo shirts in his wardrobe, as they make great pieces for dress-down Fridays, lazy Sundays, and are really easy to care for — they could be paired with jeans, chinos, shorts, or tailored pants, and effortlessly styled up when the occasion calls for it; simply throw on a well-tailored Sports Jacket or a 1935 Essential Blazer to create an impeccable smart-casual look.

A polo shirt is a true men's style staple which really does deserve a little more love than it typically gets when mentioned. With our Smart Polo , you can look stylish and smart as our collar is designed the same way as a shirt collar which would not roll or stretch out after each wash. In this post, we will take a look at how to elevate a good plain polo shirt, with style.

For a smart-casual look, throw on a blazer with your polo. An outerwear always brings an entire outfit together; suitable for business casual events, dress-down Fridays in the office, or a zoom meeting from home. For more formal events, pick a darker polo shirt in a more neutral colour.

 CYC Tailor Smart Polo CYC Tailor Smart Polo 

Going for a semi-formal event?
Perhaps a date night or catching the latest movie tuck your polo in with a pair of tailored trousers for a simple, polished look. Don't forget to bring your blazer along so you'll be ready to add a touch of interest to your look if the situation calls for it. (Score extra brownie point when you lend your blazer to her!)

 CYC Tailor Smart Polo CYC Tailor Smart Polo

A casual outfit
would be wearing your polo shirt with a pair if denim jeans and a pair of sneakers. Polo shirts are perfect for an easy-breezy day out with friends, or if you are just out to run errands.
Tip: Change up the look by pairing it with sweatpants or shorts.

CYC Tailor Smart Polo

Casual (with cotton pants or shorts)
- good for a quick outing, grabbing lunch, going to golf.

Athleisure is all the trend right now. Polo shirts are extremely versatile, pair it with a pair of white pants and your favorite sports shoe. This outfit can be worn when going to the country club for a social gathering or for recreational activities such as golf. Wearing it with shorts or chinos works too!

CYC Tailor Smart Polo CYC Tailor Smart Polo


Featured in the photos above is our Smart Polo. Unlike regular polo tees, our polo tees have been designed with a shirt collar that won't roll or stretch out after each wash. The body is made of soft, high quality lacoste knit, making it comfortable on skin and cooling to wear during humid weathers. This polo has the smartness of a Button-down with the comfort of a T-shirt.

CYC Tailor Smart Polo Smart Collar Regualr Collar CYC Tailor
 1935 Smart Polo      Regular Polo

Bonus: Style our Smart Polo with our Essential Blazer for a smart and timeless look, suitable for a more formal day while working from home.

CYC Tailor Smart Polo Charcoal
*Model is 1.86m, wears size M.
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