CYC in the time of COVID-19

CYC in the time of COVID-19

CYC in the time of COVID-19

What we've been up to during this unprecedented pandemic, and our journey of producing reusable masks.

When Singapore went into DORSCON Orange, our business slowly dipped... until it was down 80%. To sustain ourselves, we started producing fabric masks made from our premium shirting fabrics.

We also decided to launch an initiative we titled '300k Masks for Migrants' to provide masks for migrant workers, as we felt that they were a group that was overlooked.

The support poured in, and we managed to get enough volunteers to begin our journey of distributing over 200,000 masks to the Migrant Workers' Centre, to be given out to migrant workers.

We also got a few media mentions along the way...

But our journey's not over yet. As circuit breaker measures begin to ease, we have decided to use our Thomas Mason fabrics to make reusable fabric masks for our working population, as they prepare to go back to work.

These stylish reusable fabric masks come in solid, work-friendly colours such as Charcoal, Navy, Light Pink, Light Blue and Black, in Egyptian Cotton shirting fabrics that our customers know and love.

All of our masks come with a water-repellent anti viral filter, which is washable for up to 15 times. They come in 3 sizes - Ladies', Men's and Kids'.  We hope that you will consider our range of fabric masks for your reusable mask needs. The sale of these reusable masks help support our Masks For Migrants initiative, and also keep us afloat during this difficult business landscape. You can also check out our range of printed reusable masks available in our online store, for more carefree, smart-casual days. We'd like to take this chance to thank you for your continuous support over the years.  Until the next time we meet... Stay safe, well-fed, and masked up.

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