CYC Shirts – Official Care Instructions

CYC Shirts – Official Care Instructions

CYC Shirts – Official Care Instructions

With the right care, CYC shirts are known to last for years, even decades.

Most gentlemen don’t just instinctively get style right on day one, it takes observation, practice, and following a simple set of rules to achieve that sartorial look. One of the easiest rules to follow is “Never wear a torn or broken shirt”.

You might think you look immaculate – with that fitted tailored suit, an Italian, 4-in-hand dimpled tie, topped off with a complementary pocket square, but you will never get away with wearing a shirt with a worn out, yellow ring-around-the-neck collar underneath. People are bound to notice that something is off about your look!

If you pay close attention, you will notice that you’ll never spot a well-dressed gent donning a piece of washed out or worn out garment (unless it was intentionally designed to be distressed).

However, we also understand that it isn’t logical or sustainable to be spending so much on new shirts so frequently. With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive care guide to help extend the life of your shirts.

Want to get your CYC shirt “evaluated” to see if it can still be saved?

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