Style Interview With Alan Wong, Host of Asia’s Got Talent 2019 #MyCYC

Style Interview With Alan Wong, Host of Asia’s Got Talent 2019 #MyCYC

Style Interview With Alan Wong, Host of Asia’s Got Talent 2019 #MyCYC

Alan M. Wong is an internationally recognised actor and television host, currently based in Singapore. With over a decade of experience in entertainment, he’s worked with some of the largest networks in the world; such as HBO Asia, MTV Asia, and AXN Asia. Originally from California, the Eurasian entertainer earned a bachelors degree in Theatre Arts at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Soon after, he relocated his career to Asia, where he would cement his place in the industry with over 6 years of consistent exposure on regional television.

We often see you in shirts and suits in Asia’s Got Talent, but what do you usually wear on your days off?

To be perfectly honest, I am a super casual person in my day to day wardrobe choices. I come from Northern California, a land of printed tee’s, cargo shorts, and flip flops (slippers). So when I started working in the entertainment industry in Singapore, I really had to step up my game. You can still find me in the most casual of outfits.. Jeans and tee’s, berms and short-sleeved button-ups. But to add my own personal touches of fashion, I try to pair my looks with trendy sneakers and matching watches. Casual, but with a hint of style works for me 🙂

2. Could you describe your style? What kinds of brands do you favour?

I guess ‘Casual Chic’ would describe me on my best and most put together days… but on the days I fail in fashion, ‘Surfer Bum’ would probably apply. In terms of brands, I keep it simple and affordable…. ranging from Topman on the casual days to Banana Republic for the more formal occasions.

2. Can you describe the experience of getting clothes tailored?

Getting clothes tailored at CYC was a truly unique experience. Not only were we treated extremely well the entire time, but the process of choosing the details of my suit was empowering. We had the chance to choose every single component of the clothing… Textures, materials, designs, buttons, lapels, cuffs, and even fonts and texts for the embroidery of our initials in the shirt and suit. After being measured, the masters at CYC helped us make our choices by offering their own insight as long standing professionals of the industry. The result was a one of a kind look that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Alan and Justin wear suits by CYC on Asia’s Got Talent.

3. In your experience, is there a difference in tailored clothing and off-the-rack clothing?

The difference is outstanding. The simple answer is just that the tailored suit fits better… but it is so much more than that. The tailored suit changes how you move and feel. You feel more confident, more courageous, wearing a suit that is as unique and textured as your personality. Not only are all of your design choices beautifully displayed, but so are your physical features and attributes that make you who you are. An off-the-rack suit is worn by a man, but a tailored suit is part of him.

4. I understand you lived in LA for a number of years, and you are now based in Singapore. Is Singapore’s street style different from LA’s? How?

It’s been over a decade since I’ve lived in LA, so I can’t say I’m completely aware of the current fashion trends there. But from what I can gather, LA fashion, at the moment, has this new age hipster vibe… where the goal is to spend as much money as you can to look like you tried as little as possible. To be honest, I don’t quite get it. Singapore has a much more formal and chic trend going on. I feel as though Singapore street style is much more influenced by street wear in Japan and South Korea. Which, in my opinion, is much more forward thinking and universal. Asian street fashion seems to be about being simple, perfectly put together, with a small pop of crazy. While LA street fashion seems to be more distressed and urban.

5. Has your style changed over time?

I think most peoples’ style changes over time, simply because we grow up and mature. It’s easy to stick in the more youthful styles we become comfortable with, but that won’t always match who we are or who we have become. For me, adding suits and formal wear to my wardrobe has been a big step forward. It may be happening more slowly than my stylist would like 😛 but eventually I’m sure I’ll be presenting myself as a mature adult. But until then, don’t take away my sneakers!!!! Haha.

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