Brand New Shirting Fabrics from Europe

Brand New Shirting Fabrics from Europe

Brand New Shirting Fabrics from Europe

Highlights from our new collection:

This white fabric features a unique Jacquard weave, reminiscent of an IQ test question, or a full moon captured within a square sky. A great alternative to a plain white twill shirt.

A new spin on a classic fabric. This one features 4 different kinds of houndstooth checks. The red lines give it a unique '3D' effect.

This is no ordinary navy fabric - look closer and you'll see tiny little white polka dots woven into the fabric. To us, it's reminiscent of an open sky of orderly stars.

This striped Italian Linen is perfect for men with fair or neutral skin - a showstopping piece which will earn you a lot of smart-casual style points.

A baby blue oxford with a beautiful sheen. An ultra luxurious Egyptian cotton with a super soft hand-feel with timeless appeal.

A multi-faceted, dark blue fabric with flecks of ocean and light blue, inviting a gentle curiosity. Its appearance changes ever so slightly with differing lighting and angles, adding a layer of complexity to this lovely fabric.

It's nearly impossible to go wrong with a white shirt. This fabric Egyptian cotton has a subtle crosshatch texture, just a touch outside of the ordinary.

A simple, white striped Egyptian Cotton fabric? Look closer and you'll see that each stripe contains a lightly checkered texture, adding a subtle depth to this fabric.

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