How to wear a broken suit?

Guide to pulling off 'Spezzato' sucessfully

Abito Spezzato; Broken Suit

It's time to take a break from
the rigour of classic business suits.

In Italy, the art of masterfully pulling off a mismatched suit is known as "Abito Spezzato" — more than simply putting on a random pair of trousers and throwing on a contrasting jacket, the broken suit is a carefully studied carelessness that uses trousers from one suit, and a complementary jacket from another to form a seemingly effortless look.

We especially love this style as it allows one to combine colours and patterns in a way that's more free-spirited than the traditional suit.

Here are some basic rules to follow when attempting to pull off a broken suit:

How do you match a broken suit?
Are broken suits formal?

Most men seem to think that all suits or jackets are "formal". Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact subtle details that differentiate a formal suit jacket from a smart-casual sports jacket. These subtle details make all the difference when trying to pull off a broken suit.


A suit jacket —  tends to be more structured, with padded shoulders, is fully lined, and typically has welt pockets. Suit Jackets are designed to be worn with matching trousers only, so pulling them apart as separates might look a little off.


On the other hand, sports jacket has an unstructured construction, can be unlined, and typically sewn with patch pockets. A Sports Jacket is designed as a stand-alone piece (without matching trousers). You can jazz up your existing outfit, even if you are wearing t-shirt and jeans.

Should I be choosing similar colours?
What should the overall look be?
Model in Standeven Broken Suit with Brown Polo Tee and White Linen Trousers
Model in Holland and Sherry Crystal Springs Broken Suit with White Polo Tee
Here is our take on Abito Spezzato. Remember, go for contrasting colours while keeping it elegant!
Model in Loro Piana's Tasmanian Broken Suit With Blue Business Shirt and Tie
Worried about getting the 'Broken Suit' right?

Fret not, Holland & Sherry's Crystal Springs collection is here to make things easy — each jacketing fabric is individually presented with trousers fabric in a complementary colour from Holland & Sherry's Classic Cotton range. You won't have to stress over what coloured pants will match to achieve the perfect broken suit. From August to September only, you get a Holland & Sherry Broken Suit for only $3200!

Jacket: $3200 | Trousers: $680 (Free if you tailor your jacket in Crystal Springs!)

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