Embrace the beauty of quiet luxury with a tailored Loro Piana suit.

Here are 3 classic suiting collections by Loro Piana that stand the test of time.

The epitome of quiet luxury — a tailored Loro Piana suit is a type of luxury that flies under the radar rather than presents itself flamboyantly upon arrival. It has an elegant, understated, and timeless appeal, making it the ultimate choice for the modern man who demands the very best in terms of style, comfort, and durability. With its focus on heritage, quality and exquisite craftsmanship, a well-tailored Loro Piana suit makes the splurge worth it when you account for cost per wear. When you invest in a suit tailored in Loro Piana's luxury fabric, you are making a statement about your impeccable taste and your commitment to the finest quality.


Is a Loro Piana suit really worth it?

A single word is enough to sum up why the Loro Piana brand is just so irresistibly attractive. Quality.

Founded in 1924, Loro Piana is the largest cashmere manufacturer and the world's leading artisan company processing luxury fibres. The Loro Piana brand has always been synonymous with luxury and tailoring because of their commitment to quality and high-performance textile innovation — they're consistently pushing the boundaries of the fabrics they weave to produce the world's most premium fabrics, while keeping in line with exquisite sartorial traditions; ensuring that every cloth produced is one that would add value to your wardrobe.

Dive headfirst into Loro Piana's best-selling suiting fabrics.

When tailoring your first Loro Piana suit, you'd want to go for something timeless, lasting and pragmatic to get more bang for your buck. Once you've gotten a taste of Loro Piana, we're sure you'll be back for more. We've specially curated 3 of Loro Piana's top-performing fabrics you should consider when tailoring your first Loro Piana suit.

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Loro Piana's new icon, Australis, is woven using Super 150’S Australian Merino wool. This collection stands out for its comfort, breathability, fluidity and feather-light weight. Australis is also moisture-wicking, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable all day long. The natural stretch in the fabric allows for a full range of motion, making it perfect for the active man on the go.

The collection is available in a range of sophisticated classic and modern weaves, making it the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try out their first Loro Piana suit.

2-pc suit from $4200



If unparalleled quality is what you're after, opt for a suit tailored in Loro Piana's Tasmanian. Our clients have returned time and again to tailor a Tasmanian® suit in other colours simply because they're unable to find anything out there that can beat the supreme softness and fluid drape of their Tasmanian® suit.

Loro Piana's iconic Tasmanian® cloth has been synonymous with quality tailoring since the 1960s. Ultra-fine Merino wool from prized lots of Super 170'S, measuring only 15 microns in diameter, has been spun into an exceptionally fine but resilient yarn, which is then woven multiple-ply to create a superlative product with a particularly supple, fluid, full hand. For timeless, refined garments of supreme softness.

2-pc suit from $4800


Cashmere Wish

The ideal choice for those who travel — two precious fibres come together in a refined fabric that is warm but beautifully light. Premium selection Super 170’S merino wool and the finest cashmere creates a sophisticated blend with a soft, fluid hand-feel: a unique encounter between the hygroscopic, breathable properties of wool and the welcoming warmth of cashmere.

If you're looking for a suit that can be used in cooler climates, a Cashmere Wish suit is the one for you. The collection showcases a generous selection of shades and patterns, from classic to contemporary, perfect for crafting impeccable suits for the cooler seasons.

2-pc suit from $5500

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Receive a complimentary Aquawool Shirt (worth $980), when you tailor a full suit in Loro Piana's Australis, Tasmanian, or Cashmere Wish. Valid from now till 28th Feb 2023.

What is Aquawool?

Did you know that Loro Piana carries a range of luxury shirting fabrics as well? Experience true excellence with Loro Piana's Aquawool — a superfine merino wool jersey from Loro Piana's prized Australis Super 150's range. With a luxurious drape, and a soft velvety hand feel, this magical shirt will make you see wool in a whole new light.

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