The world of Abito Spezzato; Mastering the art of a broken suit

"Abito Spezzato" is an Italian phrase that translates to "broken suit" in English. It refers to the practice of mixing and matching different pieces of a suit, such as a jacket and pants, that are not part of a matching set. This trend has become increasingly popular in men's fashion, offering a more personalized and individualized style becoming a symbol of breaking away from traditional fashion rules and embracing creativity and self-expression.


The perfect guide to pulling off 'Abito Spezzato' Sucessfully. We especially love this style as it allows one to combine colours and patterns in a way that's more free-spirited than the traditional suit.

How do you match a broken suit?

The key is to choose two separate pieces of garments (jacket & pants) from the same season — you wouldn't match an airy summer linen jacketwith a pair of heavy winter-weight moleskin trousers, and vice versa. 

If your main piece is a summer-friendly jacket in a wool / silk / linen blend, it'd be wise to pick a pair of 200-240 grams worsted wool trousers, smart-casual linen trousers, or even cotton chinos to match.

Are broken suits formal?

Most men seem to think that all suits or jackets are "formal". Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact subtle details that differentiate a formal suit jacket from a smart-casual sports. These subtle details make all the difference when trying to pull off a broken suit.

A suit jacket —  tends to be more structured, with padded shoulders, is fully lined, and typically has welt pockets. Suit Jackets are designed to be worn with matching trousers only, so pulling them apart as separates might look a little off.

On the other hand, sports jacket has an unstructured construction, can be unlined, and typically sewn with patch pockets. A Sports Jacket is designed as a stand-alone piece (without matching trousers). You can jazz up your existing outfit, even if you are wearing t-shirt and jeans.

Should I be choosing similar colours?

Colour is key when putting together a broken suit — here are the 2 different permutations and rules to follow when coordinating your suit:

Solid + Solid

If you're combining a solid jacket with solid trousers, always make sure that one colour stands out more to create a contrast in your look (e.g. blue + grey, tan + walnut, navy + beige).

Pattern + Solid

If you have a few different colours on your jacket; for instance a blue base with yellow boucle windowpane checks, you can easily pair this jacket with trousers matching the accent colour (e.g. khaki trousers or cotton chinos).

What should the overall look be?

The emphasis is on dressing down, so the rest of your outfit should go along with this idea — opt for loafers, monk straps, or sneakers instead of oxford or derby shoes.

A denim, OCBD (oxford cloth button down) shirt, or even a polo tee works perfectly in this instance.

If you're using a pocket square, go for a casual fold to show that this is a jacket and not a business suit.

Lastly, remember to pop open the last 1-2 sleeve buttons of your jacket to add that element of nonchalance to your "effortlessly put-together" look.



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