Tailor Talk: Best White Fabrics for Your Next Made-to-Measure Shirt

Tailor Talk: Best White Fabrics for Your Next Made-to-Measure Shirt

Tailor Talk: Best White Fabrics for Your Next Made-to-Measure Shirt


CYC Tailor Fullerton Hotel Jeremy Yip


For most of us, our first ever tailored shirt is likely to be in white — this is particularly true for those with a pragmatic personality. It's only natural to begin investing in tailored garments when you want your garments to be long-lasting, versatile pieces that transcend seasons.

Bonus: White shirts can be easily paired with existing pieces in your wardrobe!

Aside from blue, white is the most common dress shirt colour and has always dominated the scene as it is perceived as a safe and versatile 'colour' —  you may be at a formal event, an ordinary work day, or on a date and you can be assured that a white shirt will never be out of place.


In light of the above, you should at least have two crisp white shirts in your wardrobe. Let me introduce you to my favourite go-to white fabrics for both men and ladies shirts:

Best White Shirting Fabric For Men's Dress Shirts

CYC Tailored White Shirt & Navy Suit

When we think men’s dress shirts we think sharp, fresh, smart. The ideal white dress shirt for a man should have a good structure that conveys professionalism, a premium hand-feel so you'll feel confident in your 9-5 armour, and of course, it should be breathable and soft against the skin so you can stay comfortable in Singapore's humid weather.

601201 80 2 ply cotton Thomas MasonThomas Mason 80 2-Ply Cotton Twill, 6012-1, from $210

To achieve this, my top pick from our extensive range is Thomas Mason's 80 2-Ply Cotton Twill (fabric code: 6012-1). I've often recommended this white shirt to our male clients, and many of them return to repeat orders for this tailored white shirt, because it is just that good

In short...

  1. This fabric has an excellent drape that makes the tailored white dress shirt looks crisp and smart.
  2. Despite it being a twill, the diagonal lines are very fine, so it's almost invisible for those looking for a 'not-so-textured' shirt.
  3. Because the yarn count of this fabric is sufficiently dense, the white shirt does not look thin or transparent – a factor that most men are wary of. 



Best Shirting Fabrics For Ladies Shirts

White Ladies shirt

Now, on to ladies shirts —  most of my female clients prefer lighter weight materials that would give their shirts a fluid drape. The ideal shirt for a lady should have a silk-like hand feel for an elegant flare, a soft drape that will allow the shirt to fall nicely on their natural curves, and a subtle sheen for that added touch of refined-luxury.

Thomas Mason White Shirting Fabrics for Ladies
(Left) Thomas Mason 100 2-Ply Cotton, 4010-1, from $185, (Right) Thomas Mason 100 2-Ply Cotton Poplin, 4023-1, from $195

To achieve a shirt with such qualities, my top 2 picks are Thomas Mason's 100 2-Ply Cotton Poplin (fabric code: 4023-1) for ladies who want a crisp, satin-like look, and Thomas Mason's 100 2-Ply Cotton (fabric code: 4010-1) for a more textured finish.

Most of my female clients have been really satisfied with the result of their shirts because...

  1. These white tailored shirts feel exceptionally soft against the skin.
  2. The white tailored shirts have a nice weight & drape, and are not transparent. 
  3. The subtle sheen makes the white tailored shirt looks luxurious and smart.



Fabrics are the most important component of a good shirt.  I hope this article has helped you to know what to look for when tailoring a shirt. For those interested in finding out more (e.g. what styles we have to offer, what other fabrics do we carry), head over to CYC Fullerton so we can have a chat to better understand what your needs are!



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