From Yorkshire Dales to Your Dapper Doorstep: The Fabric of Standeven Suits

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Picture this: a crisp Yorkshire morning mist hangs low over rolling hills, sheep graze peacefully, and in a quaint stone mill, the rhythmic whir of looms weaves a timeless tale. This is the birthplace of Standeven fabrics, where nature's finest fibers are transformed into threads of pure sartorial magic. For generations, Standeven has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, and today, we invite you to step into this legacy, to feel the heritage woven into every stitch of your suit.

But Standeven isn't just about history, it's about evolution. They source the finest wools from around the globe, from the soft undercoats of Merino sheep in Australia to the robust resilience of Scottish Tweeds. Their weavers are artists, blending these fibers into symphonies of texture and color, from classic charcoals and navy to bold plaids and subtle herringbones. Each fabric tells a story, whispering of windswept moors, cobbled streets, and the quiet hum of tradition.

But a fabric alone, no matter how exquisite, doesn't make a suit. It's the cut, the drape, the fit that elevates it to an expression of your unique style. That's where our skilled tailors come in, their hands guided by years of experience and a passion for creating garments that flatter your form and exude confidence. They understand that a suit is more than just clothing; it's an armor for the modern gentleman, a silent statement of success and sophistication.

And now, we're offering you the chance to experience this legacy firsthand. For a limited time, when you purchase a Standeven suit from any of the 5 suiting collections, you'll receive an additional pair of trousers or vest tailored to perfection, absolutely free. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing Standeven, for believing in the power of a well-crafted suit.

So, step into the world of Standeven, where history meets innovation, and quality meets style. Let us weave your story into the fabric of your success, one perfectly tailored suit at a time.


Tame rumpled worries and conquer climate chaos with Standeven’s Explorer travel cloths. Its specialized construction, featuring high-twist yarns and innovative weaves, creates a wrinkle-resistant shield that thrives in heat and humidity. Naturally resilient wool wicks away moisture, regulates temperature, and retains shape, ensuring you arrive looking sharp and fresh; every bit the global power player you are.

27000 - 27040 100% High Twist Wool 310gms
27041 - 27049 100% High Twist Wool 220gms
27050 - 27063 100% Super 120's Wool 220gms
27064 - 27066 100% Wool 320gms

Jacket: $2300 | Trousers: $730 | Vest: $860 | 2pc suit: $3030


Conquer boardrooms and Singapore’s heat with Summerstrand's balanced power. A refined blend of ultra-fine Super 100's wool and mohair. Summerstrand has an iconic British handle, with drape and body which will encourage the garment to retain shape and enhance performance. The finish enhances the lustre of the mohair fibre whilst at the same time allowing the natural crease resistance of the cloth. The additional property of keeping the wearer cool makes this the perfect travel cloth.

24000 - 24053 94% Super 100's Wool, 6% Mohair 225gms
24054 - 24055 94% Super 100's Wool, 6% Mohair 340gms 12oz
24056 - 24061 73% Wool, 27% 2-Ply Kid Mohair 370gms 13oz

Jacket: $2400 | Trousers: $760 | Vest: $890 | 2pc suit: $3160

Park Lane (Super 120s)

Park Lane suits are more than just fabric, they're the culmination of generations of tailoring expertise. The 2-fold yarn, a cornerstone of English workmanship, is guaranteed to give the fabric excellent resilience and performance.

Each thread whispers tales of Savile Row tradition, infused with the luxurious touch of cashmere, resulting in a suit that provides a soft and lustrous hand-feel that's well-made for daily wear. Park Lane boasts a generous variety of shades, ready to be sculpted into your next masterpiece for everyday elegance.

100% Super 120’s Wool

Jacket: $2400 | Trousers: $760 | Vest: $890 | 2pc suit: $3160

Savile Row (Super 130s)

Feel the whisper of pure luxury against your skin. Standeven’s Savile Row cloth is born from Yorkshire's generations-old craft and woven using only the finest Australian Merino wool; resulting in a resilient everyday-suit with an impeccable drape with a fluid touch. The unmistakable sheen of a guaranteed 90s two-fold yarn speaks volumes about its impeccable construction.

100% Super 130's Wool 270gms

Jacket: $2500 | Trousers: $790 | Vest: $920 | 2pc suit: $3290

Platinum (Super 200s)

The Platinum collection contains finest micron Super 200's Wool especially selected from the leading farms in Australia, and 100% pure Cashmere from Mongolia. Each suit length is manufactured from 52 Kilometres of two fold yarn and will provide you with the ultimate experience of wearing one of the most luxurious suits available.

7000 - 7016  100% Super 200's Wool  230gms
7017 - 7018  100% Super 200's Wool  240gms
7019 - 7022  100% Super 200's Wool  230gms
7023 - 7044  100% Super 200's Wool  275gms
7024 - 7031  100% Cashmere 285gms

Jacket: $5400 | Trousers: $2100 | Vest: $2100 | 2pc suit: $7500

Adventure never goes out of style. Let Standeven be your sartorial compass, whispering stories of Savile Row heritage in every thread. From conquering boardrooms to long-haul business flights, these fabrics are woven for men who demand performance and panache. Don't just wear a suit, embody it. Book your appointment and tailor your next chapter in effortless elegance.