The Best Travel Suit For Your Business Trips

Wrinkle free even after a long flight

You don’t want to spend your holiday or business trip ironing! (we know how time consuming ironing is).  

To help you optimise your business trip or holiday, we have curated some fabrics specially woven for the time starved traveller. These specially woven wool fabrics from our favourite brands are functional and performance packed. Read on and decide for yourself.

At the top of our list, we have Paladino's Eco-Evolution Book IV,

a few more collections worth mentioning from our favourite brands would be Holland & Sherry's Crispaire, Standeven's Explorer and Drapers' Beausoleil

Paladino Book IV: An Eco-Evolution

Featuring high-twist, Super 130s wool that are breathable, stain-repellent and crease resistant. While we are not encouraging any spills on your precious jacket, however it is reassuring to know that you can wine and dine in peace! If you are the type who will occasionally indulge a little bit too much, the natural stretch afforded by the fabrics will ensure that you can still fit in
your trousers.


Jacket: $1150/$1230 | Trousers: $445/$485

Unique Qualities for Paladino


Holland & Sherry's Crispaire

Crispaire first made its debut over 30 years ago and is still very much in demand. Before the advancement of technical yarns and high-twist alternatives, Crispaire was one of the first qualities developed for the purpose of business travel. Its coarse yarn count, traditional plain weave structure and unrefined handle produce a cloth that is full bodied, durable and bounces back into shape effortlessly when crumpled.


Jacket: $2500 | Trousers $730

Standeven Explorer

The Explorer collection contains authentic travel cloth from lightweight tropical weaves to fabrics woven from specially spun high twist yarns. The superior construction of these fabrics combined with yarn twist produces a crisp dry handle, ideal for travel suits and hot climates. Wool is a naturally resilient fibre which allows the fabric to retain its shape and also offers moisture wicking and temperature
regulation properties in humid conditions.


Jacket: $2000 | Trousers: $600

Drapers Beausoleil

Another interpretation of the 21 Micron wool presented in this bunch is Beausoleil, with a herringbone design and an iridescent effect, its durable, crease resistant and carries a look which is reminiscent of the milder seasons.


Jacket: $2200 | Trousers: $600

The epitome of luxury, travelling is a unique experience that has become a growing interest to all. Regardless of the industry you're in, having a professional suit is crucial — it portrays an image of class and quality, while catering to the travel requirements of the modern business traveller. Comfort and convenince is plus point when it comes to suiting. Worry less, travel more.


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