What does your Shirt say about You?

What does your Shirt say about You?

Who ever said looks don’t matter? Research shows that first impressions are formed in the first 20 – 30 seconds. Morever, 55% of that impression is based on your appearance, 38% on the way you present yourself and only 7% on what you say.

To help you ace that first impression, we have identified four basic personality types and the shirt styles that are most suited for each personality. Getting it right could be the “oomph” that lands you that promotion or the attention of the girl/guy you’ve been eyeing!

The Dramatic

The Dramatic is Bold, Confident and Assertive.
He is usually fashionable and creative and can be found in entertainment and fashion circles, while She commands attention with her poise and individuality.

Mr Dramatic
  1. Can pull off wearing shirts in stunning colours like fuchsia and burgundy, or fresh hues like lime green and sunny yellow. For more formal business meetings, simply throw on a jacket.

  2. Jazz up your shirt with double band cuffs in contrasting or complementary colours and fabric designs. Now that you’ve got everybody’s attention, bring out the silk knot buttons for that ‘killer’ application on the cuffs.

Ms Dramatic
  1. Go BIG with wide-spread and stand-up collars.

  2. Throw on accessories like chunky necklaces, silky scarves or even a tie for a quirky, edgier look.

The Romantic

Romantics are Outgoing, Friendly and Easy to Talk to.

He always takes the trouble to dress up, and looks good from head to toe while she is fond of long and flowing feminine styles.

Mr Romantic
  1. A widespread Italian collar which fits comfortably round your neck will bring out the romantic in you.

  2. Pastel shades like baby pink and lilac suit your softer side and you can complete the look with a tie in contrasting prints or motifs.

Ms Romantic
  1. Take inspiration from the time of Shakespeare when damsels were shown wearing puff sleeves, lace and ruffles.

  2. Shirts with slightly curved hemlines will accentuate those feminine curves.

The Classic

Classics are Calm, Collected and Understated individuals who prefer clean-cut simple lines with no frills or fuss.

He is conservative and is often seen in white or blue shirts, with a striped or plain tie. She favours neutral colours and accessories that are not too elaborate. They both know that classics never go out of fashion.

Mr Classic
  1. Jazz up your favourite white or blue shirt with round loop buttons or concealed buttons down the front.

  2. Have your initials embroidered on your shirt in either English or Chinese characters and make the shirt exclusively yours.

Ms Classic
  1. For a slimmer silhouettem, pick fuss-free comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen in classic stripes.

  2. A strand of pearls are all you need to carry off your classic look.

The Natural

Naturals are Relaxed and Easygoing, and view Comfort as most important.

Mr Natural
  1. It’s in your nature to pick a checkered shirt tailored in a relaxed, less structured style.

  2. Soak in the outdoors in a short-sleeved cotton shirt paired with khaki trousers and your favourite trainers for that comfortable look and feel.

Ms Natural
  1. Earthly hues like Ginger Green and Sahara Brown keep things basic and low-maintanence.

  2. A tapered cut shirt will give you the freedom of movement that you enjoy.

The concept of the four personality types is credited to image consultancy, First Impressions.

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