Tailor-Made Suits by CYC

Suits have long been regarded as the epitome of style and sophistication in any man's wardrobe.


Here at CYC Made to Measure, we pride ourselves in tailoring only the best and most affordable bespoke suits. We use the finest materials, fresh from the same mills that supply suiting fabrics to renowned luxury brands - such as Armani & Hugo Boss.

Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks

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What Should I Look for When Tailoring a Suit?

The bespoke tailoring in our suits exudes sophistication and class unlike any other. Our expert tailor will make sure that you have a suit in your wardrobe that will fit you and your personal style perfectly. From the initial measurements to the final stitches, they can create custom suits with utmost precision and attention to detail, giving you one that stands the test of time.

Here is what you should know when you are looking for a well-tailored suit.

Fabrics Used for Our Men’s Tailored Suits

With our bespoke tailor, choose from a curated range of quality fabrics sourced from the top fabric mills  for your tailored suit. Every fabric embodies excellence and craftsmanship, ensuring a suit that exudes timeless elegance.

Pure Wool

To ensure the utmost quality and sophistication, every essential suit should be meticulously designed and crafted using pure wool as the primary fabric. Lightweight, soft, thermo-regulating and naturally anti-bacterial, a bespoke suit made with wool provides ample warmth in cooler climates.Moreover, wool retains its remarkable breathability even in tropical climates, particularly when utilised in high twist suits. These open-weave suits offer a cooling effect, along with a pleasing drape and weight. By choosing wool as the fabric for your bespoke suit, you not only embrace timeless elegance but also invest in a garment that seamlessly blends style and practicality.


2-piece suit starts from $1700

3-piece suit starts from $2300 

Pure Linen

A linen suit grants maximum comfort and a relaxed, natural look. Embodying the spirit of effortless sophistication, a tailor-made linen suit gives you a refreshing and breathable option if you’re seeking something cool and laid back to wear to an event. Be it a versatile blazer or a complete two-piece suit, the choice is entirely yours. The natural fibres of line allow for exceptional breathability during warmer climates or the summer season. Tailor your customsuit from our finest Spence Bryson Irish linen or the finer Solbati Italian linen. For a classic and timeless linen choice, consider Spence Bryson Irish suits, an excellent option that exudes elegance. For an exquisite, premium touch in your summer suit, opt for the Solbiati Italian linen, the perfect choice.


2-piece suit starts from $2640

Wool-Silk-Linen Blend

A mix of the best of three worlds, wool-silk-linen fabrics feature the utmost comfort, quality and look. Tailored suits that are made from such fabrics are immediately distinct and impressive. The soft hand of wool, the luxurious sheen of silk and the cooling touch, blended with linen yarns for a less formal yet beautiful finish. This is a dream suit for those that demand elegance and excellence.


2-piece suit starts from $2640
3-piece suit starts from $3400

Pure Cotton

When selecting fabrics for custom suits, pure cotton emerges as a versatile and understated choice that seamlessly blends a relaxed aesthetic with a hint of refinement. Tailoring a bespoke suit using premium cotton fabric allows for a more casual and laid-back appearance, ideal for occasions that require a touch of sophistication without being overly formal. We highly recommend esteemed manufacturers like Drapers and Solbiati, known for their exceptional cotton fabrics, such as Cotton Deluxe and Gabardilia. Craft a navy blazer from these exquisite Made in Italy fabrics and pair it effortlessly with a set of beige chinos.


2-piece suit starts from $2390 


Tailoran exceptional customised suit featuring the exceptional shine of mohair fabrics. Harvested from Angora goats, mohair fibres absorb dyes more readily than wool, resulting in brighter hues. A mohair-wool blend allows a natural shine on the suit while featuring a soft touch of the wool, which in our opinion, makes for a beautiful tuxedo or a two-piece black tie suit. Standeven, being one of the heritage English brands we are proud to feature, proudly states on its English Mohair collection, “the best Mohair in the world.” 


2-piece suit starts from $3230

3-piece suit starts from $4160

Tailoring Process of Our Custom-Made Suits Explained

Whether it's a refined wedding suit or a distinguished business ensemble, our team of skilled tailors will work closely with you to create a garment that embodies perfection. With a focus on custom tailoring, we meticulously create a suit based on your unique measurements and preferences. Expect nothing less than an exceptional tailoring experience, resulting in a flawlessly fitting and impeccably crafted garment of unparalleled quality.

What Is a Full Canvas Suit?

A full canvas suit refers to a specific type of suit construction that involves the meticulous placement of layers of high-quality canvassing material within the jacket. The canvassing material includes horsehair that sits between the outer suit fabric and the inner lining of a suit jacket. Our tailor skillfully hand-sews the horsehair canvas onto the fabric, which requires significant time and effort. 

Tailor-made suits present notable advantages over off-the-rack options, particularly in terms of construction. Handmade with careful consideration of your body proportions, these custom-canvassed suits provide unparalleled comfort and unrestricted movement. The bespoke tailoring not only enhances the overall wearing experience but also ensures longevity and the ability to maintain its shape even with frequent use. 

Since a custom canvassed jacket is handmade, it will take longer to complete than a regular jacket. It is shaped for comfort and movement while remaining smart enough for the office, making it a great choice for those who are seeking a custom suit with both function and style.

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Fine Fabrics From Top European Mills for Our Custom Suits

We get our supply of fabrics from reputable mills in Europe who have also worked with numerous designer brands. As such, when you get tailor-made suits from CYC, you can guarantee luxury quality.

Reviews From Customers About Our Men’s Tailored Suits

This is what our previous clients have to say about our custom-made suits.

"Great experience and quality. They provide the best shirt and suit quality that I have ever seen. Customer experience is also great and they are very helpful."

Sean Lai

"Definitely the top choice in Singapore to make shirts and suits. Thefitting and design is superb and is nicely topped by great advice & service. Will visit again."

Lloyd Teo

"We have made suits for family in August this year. The quality and fitting of the suits were fantastic and many compliments were received. In addition, customer service and measurements were professional and exemplary. A great tailoring experience indeed."

Martin Cheng

"CYC has been my go-to place for quality professional wear since I was recommended to them in 2015. Service is great and the quality of clothing (shirts and suits alike) better. Their casual wear is highly commendable as well with funkier colours and patterns introduced to their catalogue. Ruys has been my go-to guy and I do rate his services and opinions highly."

Joe L

Experience unparalleled sophistication and class with our bespoke tailored suits. Our expert tailor will meticulously craft a suit that not only fits you flawlessly but also reflects your unique style. From precise measurements to the final stitches, our attention to detail and precision guarantee a custom tailored suit that stands the test of time in both quality and style.