CYC, Singapore's Trusted Tailor of Distinction: Immerse Yourself in Unrivalled Tailoring Artistry

CYC is one of the best tailors in Singapore, renowned for our exceptional craftsmanship and personalised tailoring services. With a heritage spanning over eight decades, CYC has established a reputation in Singapore for creating finely tailored garments that embody elegance and style. Our strengths lie in meticulous attention to detail, extensive fabric selection, and expert tailoring techniques. We offer a wide range of bespoke menswear, including suits, shirts and trousers, tailored to individual preferences and measurements, ensuring a perfect fit and timeless sophistication.

Tailor-Made Shirts Online

Crafted to your style.

Customise your tailored shirt online with your favourite quality and styles. With our expertise in crafting, we ensure that every detail is meticulously executed, resulting in a shirt that fits you perfectly and exudes exceptional quality.

Experience the convenience of customising your very own tailored shirt online, selecting your preferred high-quality fabrics and styles. Our mastery in the art of tailoring ensures that every intricate detail is executed with utmost precision, resulting in a shirt that is not only tailored to your measurements but also reflects exceptional craftsmanship. Whether you're in Singapore or anywhere else, our custom-made shirts offer a personalised touch that epitomises the essence of fine tailoring.

You do the designing, we do the crafting

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Custom-Made Suits: Tailored Perfection for Every Occasion

Suits are the epitome of style in any man's wardrobe. Have a suit tailor-made with CYC and we’ll make sure it will boast a crafted style that remains as a classic and timeless option for any special event. 

Our made-to-measure tailors are available for your customisation needs.

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1935 by CYC: Smart-Casual Menswear Essentials

Ingenuity for your every day.

CYC's original line of smart-casual menswear essentials is remastered for the millennial mind.
Our clothes are crafted by our talented menswear tailors to ensure that each of our creations fits Singapore’s modern men of style. We ensure our products fit better, last longer and look sharper, so they are fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.

Tailored to perfection by our skilled menswear artisans, CYC's original collection of smart-casual menswear essentials is meticulously remastered to cater to the discerning tastes of the millennial generation. Our expert tailors pour their craftsmanship into every garment, ensuring a flawless fit for the modern men of Singapore who value both style and comfort. With a keen focus on quality, our products are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting durability while exuding a refined and sharp aesthetic suitable for any occasion.

Get Ready for Casual Comfort: Explore CYC’s Smart-Casual Shirts

Elevate your weekend style with our smart-casual, and captivating printed shirts. Experience the finest craftsmanship with our sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton shirts, crafted from fabrics carefully selected from renowned international mills, including Thomas Mason, Albini, Albiate, Getzner, and Liberty London. Discover the perfect blend of quality, style, and sustainability in our printed shirt collection.


Save space with slimmer furniture.

Save space while you save planet earth— eco-friendly home decor crafted from 100% recyclable materials such as wood & ultra-sturdy kraft paper that won’t weight-discriminate. Our lightweight furniture is easy to store, easy to transport, and most importantly, easy to set up; featuring ergonomic designs crafted with comfort,
functionality and the movement of the human body in mind. These transformable furniture & decor make for impressive housewarming gifts too.

Indulge in a Bespoke Experience at CYC Today

Embark on a journey of impeccable style and put an end to your quest for a trusted and experienced tailor in Singapore. Discover a remarkable selection of menswear at CYC, where elegance, superior quality, and lasting style are all within your grasp. Whether you seek ready-to-wear fashion such as business shirts or crave bespoke and tailored creations like custom suits, our online store offers a seamless ordering experience. Craving a truly personalised touch? Indulge in a visit to our store near you and consult with our seasoned tailors, who will ensure an authentic and made-to-measure experience that exceeds your expectations.