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Wedding Suit Tailoring by CYC Tailor

Imagine your big day is approaching, and you want to find the right tailor to get a wedding suit made. Look no further in your search for a distinguished wedding suit tailor in Singapore. At CYC, we specialise in bespoke services tailored to your unique needs. Our customisation process begins with a personalised consultation between you and our experienced tailor, where you will be guided by their confident and professional approach. This pivotal step delves into your design aspirations, fabric preferences, precise fit and measurements, and other essential details. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned to deliver the epitome of excellence, ensuring your wedding suit radiates unparalleled quality on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tailored Wedding Suits

Should I wear a three-piece suit for my wedding?

This will depend on your personal style. We think a three-piece suit makes the wearer's physique more flattering. This type of suit is also stylish and fashionable for any occasion. However, if there are not many other occasions for you to wear a vest and you want to be practical, a two-piece suit works as well.

How much does a tailored wedding suit cost?

Our entry price for a two-piece suit is $1700. The cost of your wedding suit may vary based on your chosen fabric and style preferences. For a better understanding of the total cost, you can visit our website to send us a message or make a personal visit to our store. Our experienced designers and tailors will be delighted to provide a consultation and guide you through the process.

How long does it take to tailor a suit for the wedding?

Usually, it takes about 4-8 weeks to tailor a wedding suit. Factor this into your planning process.

Reason for the time-line: it takes about 2-4 weeks for us to cut and sew a semi-finished suit jacket for a fitting session. A fitting session is required to ensure that the final jacket fits well. After the fitting (where adjustments are pinned and noted), we will need another 2-4 weeks to complete your wedding suit.

Which colour is best for a wedding suit?

Our customers often opt for navy and grey, as these versatile business suit colours can still be worn after the wedding. We also notice a growing trend of customers looking for beige or sand-coloured wedding suits for luncheons.

Black is typically reserved for tuxedo suits and black tie events; for couples who have decided on a formal dress code for their wedding banquet, you may go for this option.

Ultimately, our top choices would still be the classic navy and grey suits (yes we know, the common adage is that 'they are boring colours..’ but our fabrics come in a huge variety of textures, patterns, and a multitude of shades, and that’s where you can differentiate yourself!).

Are tailored wedding suits worth it?

Of course! However, if workmanship is not a major point of consideration for you, and you have that perfect body shape to fit into a ready-made suit, why not? The biggest advantage for getting your wedding suit tailored is the wide choice of fabrics, the ability to have it designed to the exact style you want, and it'll be customised to a fit that suits your body type. It is a long-lasting investment for the most important day in your life.

What is the ordering process for a tailored wedding suit?

Our tailoring consultants will first understand your wedding theme. We will give our recommendations on the fabrics, colour choices, and suit style that are ideal for your body type and the occasion. Once we’ve made our recommendations and you’ve decided on your preference, our tailors will take your measurements for about 20 minutes.

Who is the best tailor in Singapore?

If you are looking for a wedding suit tailor in Singapore, CYC Tailor has the reputation for providing clients with the highest-quality bespoke tailoring services. From our dedicated tailors who have honed their craft for years to the meticulously curated fabrics and raw materials we use, we ensure that our services guarantee customer satisfaction.

Is it worth tailoring a cheap suit?

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend tailoring a cheap suit. We would rather you opt for a ready-to-wear wedding suit or have one that is customised according to your fit, measurements, and style preference. While we are not implying that all cheap suits may suffer from shoddy workmanship, that is usually the case.

What is the difference between a cheap and an expensive wedding suit?

Just as a Michelin star meal is superior because of the quality of ingredients and cooking skills, a wedding suit is expensive because of the quality of the suit fabric, lining, construction, and all the other materials that go into making the suit. We recommend the Perennial collection by Vitale Barberis Canonico, an entry-level Super 110s collection that has good weight and classic colours to choose from.

Should I rent or buy a wedding suit?

Renting is a sensible and practical option if you only need to wear a suit for your wedding, especially if you want to coordinate it with your groomsmen’s outfits. However, if you wear a suit often for work or other special occasions, we recommend buying or having one tailored. Make sure to choose a versatile design and style so you can wear it anytime and anywhere.

Tailored Wedding Suits with Impeccable Design

We hope we have answered most of your questions above. Aside from our tailored wedding suits, we also offer bespoke shirts, tailored pants, men’s business shirts, smart casual shirts, and more. Let us share some of our most useful wedding style tips and fabric recommendations with you to give you an idea on how you can mix and match our pieces for your special day.

Philip Loy
Eugene & Nikki

Tailored Wedding Suits with Impeccable Design

We hope we have answered most of your questions above. Aside from our tailored wedding suits, we also offer bespoke shirts, tailored pants, men’s business shirts, smart casual shirts, and more. Let us share some of our most useful wedding style tips and fabric recommendations with you to give you an idea on how you can mix and match our pieces for your special day.

For Banquet / Solemnisation

Suit colours: Wedding suits in navy or charcoal grey fabrics are ideal, as these are classic colours that will coordinate well with your bride’s trousseau and look great for your photo-taking sessions. We recommend a fabric like Wool-mohair blend, as the mohair confers a soft sheen, adding a luxurious touch to your suit.

Vitale Barberis Canonico Perennial

2-piece suit: from $2230

3-piece suit: from $2890


The VBC Perennial range features well-balanced fabrics at an appropriate weight (270gsm) for our weather. This collection is an entry-level Super 110 full wool recommendation. VBC fabrics are entirely made in Italy – from the town of Biella, where various legendary fabric brands such as Loro Piana and Piacenza got their start.

Scabal Galaxy

2-piece suit: from $4090

3-piece suit: from $5290

A brand synonymous with luxury tailoring, this collection features a special Scabal ‘bloom’ finishing that confers the suit a soft, luxurious sheen.

Black Tie Dinner Banquet

A tuxedo does not have to be in black. After Daniel Craig donned a midnight blue tux, he started a new trend that gave men a reason to rock coloured tuxedos. Suit colours: Opt for dark colours like black, midnight blue, or deep burgundy to signify the importance of the occasion.

Holland & Sherry Fiesta IV

2-piece suit: from $2570

3-piece suit: from $3250


Featuring the Super 150s wool - all-round, high quality fabrics with excellent weight and hand-feel.


Loro Piana Events

2-piece suit: from $4000

3-piece suit: from $4920


The Loro Piana Events collection is the Italian mill’s formal wear collection designed with the black tie dress code in mind. Use these fabrics for mohair tuxedos, velvet dinner jackets, silk jacquard evening wear, formal suits in black and midnight, white tie tails, morning dress coats, stroller suits, waistcoats and striped grey formal trousers.

Outdoor Wedding / Photoshoot

If you want a natural look for your wedding, and you are willing to explore a more relaxed wedding suit option. Suit colours: Select lighter colours, such as blue, green, cream or white jackets, as these will look more informal yet smart in an outdoor environment. You can also opt for a contrasting jacket and pants colour to style a smart, casual look.

VBC Wool & Linen

2-piece suit: from $2230


The wool-linen blend confers structure to the wedding suit, while the linen lends its airiness and breathability. Together, the armonious blend achieves a distinguishable look for your suit.

Holland & Sherry Serge & Solana

2-piece suit: from $3550


An interesting new release from Holland & Sherry for 2021, the name is Latin for ‘Silk(en) and Sunshine’. The silk-wool blend is cooling on the skin, and the almost iridescent fabric compels you to wear this collection under natural light. Featuring 2/1 twill cloths where the front and back sides are different, meaning your suiting options from this collection just got twice as large.

Holland & Sherry South Pacific Linen

2-piece suit: from $3090

Featuring a luxurious range of linen-related fabrics, you will find a range of Teclana® blended fabrics that are H&S own innovation. These wool-linen Teclana® is durable while lightweight, and resist crease better than traditional linen fabrics. The linen-silk blend is as luxurious as they come.

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With our deep understanding of formal attire and a keen eye for detail, CYC crafts wedding suits that capture the essence of sophistication and elegance. Our skilled artisans carefully and meticulously handcraft each garment to ensure a flawless fit. From classic designs to contemporary styles, CYC creates wedding suits that enhance the groom's presence on their special day, making us a trusted choice for discerning couples seeking impeccable bespoke tailoring and exceptional service. Visit our store to consult with our experts.