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Trousers are crucial to bringing balance to your entire look — with the right trousers, you could look like the best-dressed gent in the room.

Price: from $165

Lead Time: 4-5 weeks

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A lightweight and soft natural material, 100% wool trouser provides good insulation in cold weather yet its breathable character keeps one cool in hot weather. This wool trousers would be one of your favourite and most used trousers.


The wool blend mixes Polyester, a man-made fibre, with wool to attain a higher level of durability that wool cannot attain. Wool blend allows for the suit to ave longer shelf life and is easier to manage as crease and wrinkles will not form easily. A good choice for a everyday trousers.


Underrated choice for trousers, linen is the unsung hero that saves you from tropical heat without compromising on the business casual look. Smart chic without breaking a sweat, a linen trousers will be fine addition to your wardrobe.


Probably the most understated suiting fabric in the world, 100% cotton fabrics make great summer jackets, bringing you an unparalleled balance of comfort and sophistication.

2-piece suit starts from $910


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