5 Things to Do in Our New Capitol Piazza Store (Besides Tailoring)

5 Things to Do in Our New Capitol Piazza Store (Besides Tailoring)

5 Things to Do in Our New Capitol Piazza Store (Besides Tailoring)

After months of work and development, we’ve launched our brand new Capitol Piazza store (#01-12/13/14) – fully furnished and designed precisely to take your tailoring experience to the next level.

Here are the top 5 things you can do in our store (besides tailoring).

Ever find it difficult to imagine what some fabric swatches would look like as a shirt? You’re not alone.

“…but what does it look like as a shirt?”

The solution: A touch screen 3D shirt builder that helps you visualise your outfits with our curated range of fabrics, collar styles, and button colours! We also gave you the option to pair them with trousers so you’ll know just how to style your shirts.

Some of our customers’ latest creations

Presenting a collaboration between Singapore’s most established tailor and Hong Kong’s premier bespoke shoe artisans, ShoeArtistry.

Apart from excellent craftsmanship, and a wide selection of beautiful veg-tanned patina leathers and styles to choose from, we’ve also got a 3D foot scanner to help us measure your feet with maximum speed and precision. With this data, we’ll be able to craft shoes moulded to fit the arches, insteps and heels of your feet perfectly.

“What is the difference between 1-ply and 2-ply cotton?” “What’s the difference between cashmere and merino wool?” Our fitting rooms aim to answer all the common fabric-related questions we’ve encountered in our years of experience. With this knowledge, you will be able to pick out the exact fabric that meets your needs without being overwhelmed by choices.

Bringing your family and kids along? Now there’s a space for them to play while you focus on getting your clothes done!

Create your very own backdrop for the gram with miniature CYC shirts, trousers and quirky animal magnets! Don’t forget to tag us (IG: @cycmadetomeasure) while you’re at it 😉

Some of you have known of us since you were kids; some through your parents, some through our heydays. Regardless, us millennials love when we get a peek into the history of local companies. For those new to CYC, come journey with us as we reveal pivotal moments of our 84-year heritage.

Some press CYC has garnered over the years

Vintage CYC shirt made in 1971

Drop by and say hi! We’ll be happy to show you around. You can also book an appointment with our tailors to get some clothes tailored:

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