Chinese New Year Shirting Fabrics – A Review

Chinese New Year Shirting Fabrics – A Review

Chinese New Year Shirting Fabrics – A Review

It’s only 3 weeks till Chinese New Year! Are you still on the hunt for the perfect shirt to wear? Here are 3 things you should be looking out for:

Vibrant Colours Remember when your mum used to nag at you for only wearing “black black things”? Please your elders for once and pick something red or vibrant this Lunar New Year. After all, it symbolises luck! Wouldn’t you want to huat?

Something New & Different A plain crimson red shirt this year, a Plain garnet red shirt the next, and a PLAIN merlot red shirt the following year. All from your favourite off the rack store. What’s the point of owning so many “same same but different, but still the same” shirts? Stop being so basic! Pick something you don’t already own.

If you still don’t get the hint, [whispers] tryyy printssss…

(Two-of-a-kind) Instagrammable Pieces so you’d be prepared for all that photo taking

#FatherSonFun #FatherSonGoals #FatherSonDuo #Twinning #Just$50ForAKidsShirt

Come on…how cute is this… Moms & Pops, up your game this year and twin with your kid(s).

Don’t say we bo jio! Here are some Aves fabrics that are particularly felicitous for this festive season:

Get it? 鸟? Bird prints? Nevermind…

Our capacity for Chinese New Year shirts is still open, but is filling up fast. So hurry down to our stores and get your shirts tailored SOON to get them before Chinese New Year.


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