Choosing The Right Colour For Your Skin Tone

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Skin Tone

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Skin Tone

Ever received a ‘wow! I love your shirt/trousers/outfit’ compliment? What colour(s) were you wearing? We’re willing to bet that the colours you wore complimented your skin tone in a way that just made sense.

Warm Colours + Warm Toned Skin = Good life choices.

But how do you get it right every time? How do you go beyond ‘happy accidents’ into ‘intentionality’? Thankfully, there is a soft science behind it. We believe it all begins by choosing the right colour for your unique skin tone.

But how do you do that? First, you need to know your skin tone.

Skin tones generally fall under 3 categories: cool, warm, or neutral. How do you know which you belong to? Step 1. Bring your wrist up to your eye-level. Step 2. Inspect your veins. Do they appear more blue, green, or purple?

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Warm skin tones should generally go for warmer colours – such as orange, yellow, green and reds. If you’re warm-toned, wearing these kinds of colours would bring out the sunshine in your skin.

Cool skin tones should generally go for cooler colours – think more purples, pinks and cool blues. These will keep you cool as a… cool-toned Pineapple.

Neutral skin tones can generally wear any colour combination that doesn’t swing too far into warm or cool territory. Mix it up, you lucky kid.

So there you have it! #SkinTonedEducated Which fabrics stand out to you the most?

Note: black and white generally can be worn by most any skin tone – but even black and white have different shades in between, and can bring out different shades in your skin tone. We will go through that in another blog post, at another time. (Black and white aren’t really… Colours, per se.)

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