CYC’s Holiday Collection, 2019

CYC’s Holiday Collection, 2019

CYC’s Holiday Collection, 2019

7 Festive Shirts You Never Knew You Needed.
SINGAPORE: Scorching sun, dry thunderstorms, the occasional sun-shower; basically a myriad of unpredictable weather with almost everything but snow.

We might not have the most Christmas-sy weather, but we make up for it all by transforming our favourite street into a whimsical Christmas wonderland every year – spectacular lights, roving performers, even pop-up amusement rides!

Sick of wearing the same old t-shirt + berms combo when you’re out to marvel and gawk at (or dismiss/criticise) our Christmas decorations this year? Why not transform yourself this yuletide season too! Maybe you’ll be less of a Grinch.

Introducing our latest prints (straight from Italy!) guaranteed to break the ice at every party you attend this Christmas.

#1 The Merry Golfer
Fabric Code: 3315-3 Material: 100% Cotton Price: from $180 You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this print, but it’s a definite must-have for all who admire the sport. A party-ready print bespeckled with delightful, vibrant ‘all-things-golf’ illustrations, set against a calming shade of Catalina Blue. Tailor Tip: Pick a contrasting fabric for the underside of your cuffs if you want to add a touch of customisation without going over the top!

#2 A Gentleman’s Sport
Fabric Code: 3070-3 Material: 100% Cotton Price: from $145 Is it just us, or does this print remind you of Arthur Shelby? Who is that? Everyone’s favourite Shelby brother from Peaky Blinders of course! If you get what we mean, you need to get this shirt…by order of the Peaky Blinders. Besides, can you even think of a more apt/punny shirt to be spotted in on Boxing Day? Tailor Tip: The earthy tones in this shirt makes pairing this piece a breeze – it goes equally well with a pair of tailored trousers, or a pair of jeans!

#3 Bat-and-ball
Fabric Code: 3068-1 Material: 100% Viscose Price: from $145 Feels like silk, breathes like cotton. Planning a night of fun & drinks this Christmas? We bat you’ll look good on the dance floor with this print. This viscose shirt is serving you casual-luxe, a pop of colour, and a little throw back to the 80s. Tailor Tip: Best paired with tailored trousers.

#4 Blue Ridge Mountains
Fabric Code: 3308-2 Material: 100% Cotton Price: from $185 A print designed for nature-lovers. Inspired by Arthur Liberty’s 1897 trip to the Basque mountain range, this print is lustrously detailed and rich in colour – specially painted in gouache to create an abstract geometric camo design. Tailor Tip: Great for weekend outings and dress down Fridays. Besides, this understated print would go well with existing pieces in your wardrobe, so you’ll have a ton of different new looks just by tailoring 1 new shirt.

#5 White Winter Snowfall
Fabric Code: 3316-1 (grey), 3316-3 (blue) Material: 100% Linen Price: from $180 If you’re disappointed because you won’t be experiencing snow this Christmas, this shirt might be the next best thing (aside from artificial snow). Picture this – you’re in a resort in Chimgan, Uzbekistan, sitting by the bay window with a warm cup of coffee in your hands. As your gaze out, you find yourself drifting into a trance as you watch the snow fall… Tailor Tip: If you’re usually picking plain-coloured shirts, but want to try prints for a change, this is the shirt for you.

#6 Paisley Piquant
Fabric Code: 3314-2 Material: 100% Cotton Price: from $180 Fun Fact: The paisley pattern was originally designed to represent Cypress trees; coincidentally (or not) the Leyland Cypress is also a popular Christmas tree choice. The paisley pattern is a staple in the world of menswear and tailoring, with guest-star appearances on the rugs of quaint Savile Row bespoke tailor stores. A print that ties the spirit of Christmas, tradition and tailoring together? Time to tailor a paisley shirt! Tailor Tip: Add a dash of Soft Amber trims to the edges of your collar and/or cuffs for that touch of personalisation.

#7 Camo Camp
Fabric Code: 3069-3 Material: 100% Cotton Price: from $145 For those who can’t decide between a shirt and an outer. Hate it or love it, camo prints have made a mark and aren’t going away any time soon (they do seem to find ways to stay relevant and almost always appear on the latest runways). In other words, you’ll know you’ve got your style game on point when you put this shirt on; be it for a casual hang with your friends, or a weekend brunch with your date. Tailor Tip: Pair it with a simple white t-shirt underneath to turn up the smart-casual vibes.

Ready to get into the holiday spirit with some brand new shirts? Drop by our stores to browse through our extensive fabric library and get yourself some shirts tailored in time for Christmas!

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