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Easing the Burdens of Poverty in the Philippines Amidst These Trying Times

Easing the Burdens of Poverty in the Philippines Amidst These Trying Times

In this time of need, we've found the strength to give back to the community within our means, even in the simplest of ways — CYC recently worked with Oikos Helping Hand to donate 600 finished masks, and 1000 mask kits to Aroma slum residents in the Philippines.

The Problem: Lack of aid and access to pandemic essential such as masks

Oikos Helping Hand Philippines Slum
Image courtesy of: Oikos Helping Hand

Living conditions in the slums of Manila are uniformly bleak – pitch-black cubicles made from plywood and tin, clustered beneath a bridge or in abandoned buildings, surrounded by mountains of decaying rubbish, with residents perpetually knee deep in stagnant, putrid water.

Many households have lost regular incomes and have been pressured to survive on intermittent government assistance. They share a common area with dozens of other individuals, making social distancing almost impossible. Face masks, while mandatory, are an expense that few can afford; rendering them extremely vulnerable in the midst of this pandemic to these residents.

The Solution: Supply of Face Masks and Mask Kits

CYC Fabric Mask Donation to The Philippines

In light of this, CYC has partnered with Oikos Helping Hand to donate 600 finished masks to the community, along with 1000 mask kits to aid them in generating additional income in their time of need.

These finished masks will be distributed evenly between Aroma slum residents, while the mask kits will be distributed and used during on-going courses to teach women basic sewing skills so they can produce and re-sell these fabric masks for additional income.

Stacks of CYC Fabric Mask Kits for Philippines Elastic Bands for Mask Kits Donated to the Philippines by CYC CYC Fabric Mask Kits Donated to Philippines

More about Oikos Helping Hand

Oikos Helping Hand Mass Gatherting before pandemic

Oikos Helping Hand was registered in 2007 with Securities n Exchange Commission, The Philippines by a Singaporean couple who are missionaries.

They run a kindergarten providing free education, and minister to 640 families whose available jobs are being scavengers by uplifting their dignity thru social & spiritual programs. The residents of Aroma Slums are considered the poorest of the poor in Metro Manila.

See how you can help:

The sale of all CYC masks helps support our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.  We especially want to thank the people who have ordered our CYC reusable masks! Your support helps to keep us in business during this difficult and uncertain time.
(If you haven't gotten your CYC masks, get yours here!)

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