It’s Boss’ Day!

It’s Boss’ Day!

It’s Boss’ Day!

More often than not, we are oblivious to or look past what our bosses go through to keep the company running and making sure our wages get paid. We remember the negative and forget the good, thinking of them as slave drivers with ridiculous expectations. We neglect to see the efforts they put into managing new and old clients, keeping up with every department to make sure problems get solved, and providing each employee with the motivation to strive for excellence.

The concept of Boss’ Day, which falls on 17th October this year, originated in the U.S. to show appreciation for bosses and to foster bonds between employers and employees. Rather than a nationwide holiday, it is an observance that is slowly being recognised and celebrated globally.

On this special occasion, instead of conventional gifts like cards or mugs, give your boss a tailoring experience he won’t forget! Perhaps your boss might be extremely picky on the cut and fabric of his shirts, or he could do with a little help in terms of dressing. Maybe he keeps up with the latest trends or simply prefers something different. This exclusive deal would be perfect for you!

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Thank your employers for their kindness and fairness throughout. Don’t forget, your bosses are people too!

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