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Embrace the beauty of quiet luxury with a tailored Loro Piana suit.

Here are 3 classic suiting collections by Loro Piana that stand the test of time.

The epitome of quiet luxury — a tailored Loro Piana suit is a type of luxury that flies under the radar rather than presents itself flamboyantly upon arrival. It has an elegant, understated, and timeless appeal, making it the ultimate choice for the modern man who demands the very best in terms of style, comfort, and durability. With its focus on heritage, quality and exquisite craftsmanship, a well-tailored Loro Piana suit makes the splurge worth it when you account for cost per wear. When you invest in a suit tailored in Loro Piana's luxury fabric, you are making a statement about your impeccable taste and your commitment to the finest quality.

Is a Loro Piana suit really worth it?

A single word is enough to sum up why the Loro Piana brand is just so irresistibly attractive. Quality.

Founded in 1924, Loro Piana is the largest cashmere manufacturer and the world's leading artisan company processing luxury fibres. The Loro Piana brand has always been synonymous with luxury and tailoring because of their commitment to quality and high-performance textile innovation — they're consistently pushing the boundaries of the fabrics they weave to produce the world's most premium fabrics, while keeping in line with exquisite sartorial traditions; ensuring that every cloth produced is one that would add value to your wardrobe.


Holland & Sherry Crystal Springs

Holland & Sherry Crystal Springs is a collection of windowpane and mock glen plaid designs in a range of attractive colours, including fashionable, contemporary tones as well as the familiar classics. Woven from either plain weave or twill constructions, in compositions of Super 130’s wool worsted merino or wool silk linen blends. Each fabric card is nicely paired with complimentary colours so that you do not have to crack your brains trying to find the perfect trousers to match the jacket.

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The epitome of luxury, travelling is a unique experience that has become a growing interest to all. Regardless of the industry you're in, having a professional suit is crucial — it portrays an image of class and quality, while catering to the travel requirements of the modern business traveller. Comfort and convenince is plus point when it comes to suiting. Worry less, travel more.


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