For ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals in Singapore, your suit is more than just clothing; it's an armor of confidence. It speaks volumes about your decorum, style, and attention to detail. But finding the perfect suit - one that truly fits your lifestyle and personality - can be a challenge.

We're thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Holland & Sherry, the world-renowned fabric house, to offer you an irresistible suit-making experience.

Introducing the Powerhouse Duo

Elevate your everyday with Holland & Sherry's Target and Target Elite suiting collections. Crafted from luxurious super 120's wool, these fabrics offer unparalleled comfort, versatility, and style, making them the perfect choice for the man who wants an everyday suit that performs and impresses.


For those who value timeless elegance, the Target Collection boasts a diverse range of classic worsted fabrics. These are your go-to for boardroom meetings, important presentations, and occasions where understated sophistication reigns supreme.

Super 120's Wool 310gms

Jacket: $3100 | Trousers: $930 | Vest: $1200 | 2pc suit: $4030

Target Elite

If you're an ambitious go-getter who wants to make a statement, then Target Elite is your perfect match. This exclusive collection features sophisticated fabric designs and weaves, including luxurious prunelle constructions, resulting in suits that exude an understated yet powerful impact; with exceptional drape, handle, and performance.

Super 120's Wool 260gms

Jacket: $3100 | Trousers: $930 | Vest: $1200 | 2pc suit: $4030

Extend Your Wardrobe, Tailor Your Savings

  • Tailor a 2 PC suit (jacket & trousers) and get 1 extra pair of trousers absolutely FREE!

  • Enjoy 30% off any additional garments tailored using Holland & Sherry's Target or Target Elite fabrics. This includes additional trousers, vests, or even jackets.

  • Mix and match fabrics create the perfect jacket and trouser combinations to suit your individual style and needs.

Think beyond the traditional 2-piece suit

With this deal, we encourage you to embrace the "1-Jacket, Unlimited Looks" philosophy. Tailor a sports jacket and add on multiple trousers that match at a discounted price. This gives you the versatility to create various looks for different occasions, from board meetings to client lunches to after-work drinks.

This offer is not just about suits, it's about an investment in yourself. When you look and feel your best, you project confidence, authority, and success. It's a subtle but powerful message that resonates with everyone you meet.

Ready to take your wardrobe to the next level? Book your appointment today and experience the transformative power of a perfectly tailored suit. Let our expert tailoring consultants guide you through the process of creating a suit that perfectly reflects your personality and professional aspirations. This exclusive deal is for a limited time only, so don't miss out!