Scabal — The Pinnacle of Impeccably Tailored Suits

Scabal — The Pinnacle of Impeccably Tailored Suits

Scabal — The Pinnacle of Impeccably Tailored Suits

As seen on Leonardo DiCaprio, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and even James Bond.

Like fine oil painting, a well-tailored suit begins with the canvas. The Scabal story began in 1938 — driven by their passion for cloth and people, Scabal has since burgeoned into a world-class suiting fabric manufacturer; purveying some of the most luxurious woollen fabrics.

#FunFact: In 1971, Scabal commissioned famed surrealist artist, Salvador Dali, to imagine men's fashion in the year 2000. 47 years later, 12 incredible fabrics were woven from imagination to reality, based on these paintings. Browse Scabal's Vision Collection here.

But...what makes Scabal so different from all other suiting fabric mills?

The Pursuit of Perfection: Scabal's Super Ratings

We're accustomed to the Super rating of wool fabrics, as it's indicative of how fine the sheep's-wool fibres are. However, Scabal hones a standard higher than the rest. After all, the very first Super 80s fabric was invented by them! The Super ratings indicated on their fabrics are actually finer than advertised.  Therefore, a Super 100s from Scabal is actually closer to the conventional Super 110s.
Wool Suiting Fabric Super Rating

'true luxury has never been bestowed simply by price, but rather by the evident passion, heritage and values that can be seen within an item'
Gregor Thissen, Executive Chairman of Scabal.

Scabal's values of quality, dedication, and respect for the environment are aligned with what we at CYC believe in; which makes us really excited to share some of the finest and varying selection of suiting fabrics Scabal has to offer!

NEW DELUXE - Super 100s

Scabal New Deluxe - Super 100s in Red Scabal New Deluxe - Super 100s in Green
Starting at $1850 for jackets and, $750 for trousers.

The first thing you'll notice about this collection has to be its bright and youthful array of colours. The New Deluxe from Scabal features a wide collection of plain worsted wool with a smooth surface and over 70 different shades to choose from! We consider this fabric collection the entry point to the wonderful world of Scabal suiting fabrics.

 GALAXY - Super 110s

Scabal Galaxy Super 110s Wool Suiting Fabric Blue Checks Scabal Galaxy Super 110s Wool Suiting Fabric Blue Charcoal Stripes
Starting at $2030 for jackets and, $820 for trousers

A collection that truly makes your suit look and feel luxurious — the Galaxy collection inspires the mind to imagine a vast and nebulous outer space filled with illuminating stars. Each fabric is finished with Scabal's signature finishing treatment known as the Scabal Bloom, to give them its exquisite lustre. We highly recommend your wedding suit to be tailored with this collection, as the subtle shine offered by this suiting range will enhance your wedding photos significantly.

LONDONER - Super 140s

Scabal Londoner Super 140s Wool Suiting Fabric Blue Checks Scabal Londoner Super 140s Wool Suiting Fabric Blue Checks
Starting at $2430 for jackets and $1005 for trousers

Which city best exemplifies the hustle and bustle of modern life, but London? Inspired by the animated city life, the aptly named Londoner collection features fine suiting fabrics in a variety of finishings, that allow you to transition from work to leisure to party. This wide selection of 98 fabrics cater to the modern man, and focuses on intricate detailing in each fabric, as opposed to flashy and glitzy fabrics of the past.

Can't wait to tailor a Scabal suit of your own? Schedule an appointment with us to have a first-hand look and feel of some of the world's finest suiting fabrics today!

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