The Minimalist Bartender #MyCYC

The Minimalist Bartender #MyCYC

The Minimalist Bartender #MyCYC

In this series, we get young, up-and-coming Singaporean creatives to discuss their personal style, their work, and about what keeps them going.

Jayden Ong is the current brand ambassador for Johnnie Walker whisky in Singapore. The former bartender at Sugarhall & Fancy has recently been nominated for the ‘Rising Star Award’ in the Singapore Bar Awards 2018. She was also the first-runner up and finalist for Singapore at the Diageo World Class cocktail crafting competition in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

If your personality were a cocktail, what would it be?

JAYDEN: Whisky sour! It’s a really friendly and easy to drink cocktail. And I hope my personality is as effervescent as a whisky sour.

How would you describe your style? JAYDEN: My style is clean, minimal and functional. My wardrobe is filled with monochromatic basics. I am particular about how a piece of clothing fits the body, as well as its material.

What attracts you about minimalist style? JAYDEN: I think that minimalist style is neat, functional and versatile. I like that I have a few signature shirts and pants that last me for multiple occasions!

Why did you choose this fabric for your tailored CYC shirt?

JAYDEN: I chose the Italian linen because I wanted a shirt that would be smart-casual, yet interesting at the same time. I have been pretty boring, sticking to mostly cottons – I think that linen makes a contemporary piece of clothing.

How did you feel about the tailoring process? JAYDEN: I enjoyed the tailoring process a lot, it was my first experience and Cara was very patient to take me through every single step of the process. I felt comfortable and learnt a lot about the intricacies behind making a well-fitted shirt. All the staff at CYC were really helpful. It is definitely important for one to not feel daunted for their first experience.

How are you liking your new CYC shirt? JAYDEN: I am very happy with the shirt! The fit is perfect, the shirt complements my personality – It’s definitely the piece that I’ll wear out to impress. I would love to wear my CYC shirt to the next big industry event/ the next whisky masterclass that I will conduct.

What are some upcoming events you’ve got lined up in your role as a Johnnie Walker ambassador?

JAYDEN: For F1, I’ll be creating some drinks at the Temasek Suite. I’m also planning some signature cocktails for the Johnnie Walker experience booth!

Would you say it’s difficult being a woman in what is perceived to be a male-dominated industry?

JAYDEN: To be honest, the Singapore craft cocktail industry is lucky to have a rather fair playing ground for both male and female bartenders. Contrary to popular belief, it is really not that difficult being a female bartender in the industry! The playing ground is pretty fair and I think we are all competing based on merits, based on my experience so far.

What are your recent successes attributed to? JAYDEN: Success seems like a big word. Maybe progress – I attribute my progress to my curiosity and interest in the food and beverage scene. I am always driven to create new flavours and interesting narratives to accompany the cocktails. And a general desire to better the service industry in Singapore by doing my part!

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